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In Negotiation


Feeling Pressured By Your Contractor?

Tradesmen tend to know how far they can push a client when it comes to price, and Seniors especially can get taken advantage of. With over 25 years of experience in negotiating, we will ensure that you get the best rate and service for the work that needs to be completed at your property.


Whether it's a new roof, a paved driveway, decks or fencing, plumbing or electrical problems, snow removal and lawn cutting services and everything in between, DPM will make sure this process is not only simple, but gets done on time and for a reasonable price.


Service includes the following:

- A free analysis of the job you require complete -

- A discussion and full review of your options -

- Contact appropriate contractors to get estimates -

- Recommendations of contractors -

- Confirm the booking and establish a timeline -

- Check on project/service during and after the work is complete -

- Follow-up if any issues arise after the job is complete and coordinate with the contractor to ensure remediation -



A flat rate of $100.00 is charged. Any job that is over an owner cost of $2,500.00 the rate will be 4% of the owner's cost to complete the job.

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